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Diego Andres Pulgarin Bermudez (Inglés)

Through these years working At S.J.C I have not only grown professionally but also as a person, today classrooms have shown me a world full of realities and challenges inherent to our professional environment, these realities are modeling us as teachers even more than our own students.

As an English Teacher at SJC I've managed to expand the minds of my students to maximum so many of those students have projected their careers beyond our country borders, obtaining the best results and fulfilling the requirements that modern society is demanding from them.

Today our students are prepared to the highest international standards, not only being certified by the most prestigious universities in the country but also by major international institutions such as The Colombo Americano as well as the British Council enabling our students to develop their careers in high quality educational establishment around the world.

Being at SJC is a lifetime experience.

Sincerely yours.

Diego Andres Pulgarin Bermudez.

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